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2017 3rd Quarter Review

Apella's Director of Financial Planning, Jason Gentile, CFP®, reviews portfolio performance from the 3rd quarter of 2017.




5 Ways To Get A Head Start On Your Financial Future

Are you and your children prepared to combat the factors threatening your family’s financial aspirations and security? Join Connor Maniatty, Associate Financial Advisor, to learn how you can get a head start on your financial future in this webinar recording. 


Five IRA Strategies to Help You Retire with Confidence

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are more complicated than you might think. In this 30-minute webinar recording, Join Apella Capital's financial advisor, Peter Leppones, CFP® for a discussion about five IRA strategies to help you retire with confidence. 


What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance 

You may need it sooner than you think. In this hour-long webinar, Senior Financial Advisor Jason Gentile, CFP®, and Financial Advisor Peter Leppones, CFP®, will answer commonly asked questions about LTCI.  



Don't make the mistake of thinking it is too early to begin planning for college. Parents of students who plan to attend any college or university will want to check out this webinar recording presented by Apella's Senior Financial Advisor, James Femia, CCPS, AAMS, CRPC.  

Originally presented on January 12, 2016



Are you paying too much for Medicare? Every year, Medicare beneficiaries have a chance to change coverage during a Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. Apella Capital's Senior Financial Advisor, Jason Gentile, CFP®, provides some essential information for those who want to learn more about their healthcare in retirement.

Originally presented on November 9, 2015


5 Biggest IRA Mistakes and How to avoid them. 

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are more complicated than you might think. Watch this presentation from Senior Financial Advisor, Jason Gentile, CFP® to learn how to prevent the biggest IRA missteps.


Cybersecurity: 10 Threats Every Person & Business Faces - and How to Fight Them Now

Data breaches, computer hacks, phishing, and more.

With identity theft on the rise, it is important to learn the methods used by hackers while also learning helpful ways to protect yourself. Learn the top tactics used by fraudsters and the ways you can start to protect yourself, your family, and your business today. This informative webinar covers what you need to know about growing cyber-threats and the prevention plan you may want to implement immediately.

Presented by Senior Financial Advisor, Jason Gentile, CFP® and Director, Strategic Technology, John Korber.



Estate Planning with Wills and Trusts

How can you be certain that the wealth you garner, over the course of your lifetime, gets passed on in accordance with your wishes? Wills and trusts are useful estate planning tools that provide explicit instructions on how your wealth should be distributed. These documents are not just meant for the wealthy, but for almost anyone with the foresight to plan for their family’s financial future. Join Apella Capital’s Peter Leppones, CFP®, to learn how wills and trusts may benefit you.


Empower Your Family to Make the Right Decisions

No one can predict the future, but there are ways we can plan for the unexpected. Join Apella Capital’s, Peter Leppones, CFP®, to learn how you can help eliminate uncertainty and stress within your family by using two planning  tools: the “Living Will,” and the “Health Care Power of Attorney”.

Welcome to Apella Capital

Founding partner Patrick Sweeny introduces Apella Capital in this brief video.

10 Commandments for Investors: Part One of Three

Don’t succumb to the bombast of noise from our news media. Instead, consider seeking out professional or informed counsel before making critical investment decisions. In the first video of this three part series – Apella’s partner and co-founder, Patrick Sweeny, offers some practical advice on how you can do just that.

10 Commandments for Investors: Part Two of Three

Not all investment advice is sound and beneficial to you. In part two of this three part series, Patrick Sweeny, Apella’s partner and co-founder, justifies the importance of educating yourself in order to make thoughtful investment decisions.

10 Commandments for Investors: Part Three of Three

As you'll see in the final part of this video series: "it is your responsibility to know how your assets are invested and the underlying investment philosophy." As Apella's partner and co-founder, Patrick Sweeny, will explain - it is critical that you understand how your assets are invested and the underlying investment philosophy behind their allocation.

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Symmetry Partners: Investment Process

Symmetry Partners' Director of Research, Dana D'Auria, CFA provides insight into their unique investment process. Along the way, time will be taken to explain key topics such as factor investing, portfolio construction, and behavioral finance.

Symmetry Partners: PrecisionCore

GlobalCore ETF Portfolios are now the PrecisionCore ETF Portfolios. Join Symmetry's Research Associate, Rebecca Cioban, for a detailed introduction to our new portfolios.

Symmetry Partners: Making Sense of Smart Beta & Factors

At Symmetry Partners, we have been thought leaders on factor investing, a term often used interchangeably with Smart Beta, for 15 years. Join Tim Baker, CFA & Director of Product Strategy to explore this source of financial return.


Symmetry Partners, LLC provides this communication as a matter of general information. Any data or statistics quoted are from sources believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed or warranted. No one should assume that any discussion or information contained in this material serves as a receipt of, or as a substitute for, personalized investment advice. As with any investment strategy, there is the possibility of profitability as well as loss.

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